World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control
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S2E5 – Tress Walmsley


Tress Walmsley, CEO of Western Australia’s Intergrain Ltd, is a leader in cereal breeding.  She was instrumental in implementing Australia’s unique End Point Royalty (EPR) mechanism, used by plant breeders to recover the cost of developing improved plant genetics. Her vast experience in cereal agronomy and intellectual property management set her up for success in leading Intergrain, a private company spun-off from a government-operated breeding program. 

In this episode of Plant Breeding Stories, Ms Walmsley explains how the EPR system works and why it offers breeding programs more benefits than the traditional point-of-sale royalty might. We learn why Intergrain supports an open, collaborative approach to business, and discover some of the atypical objectives in Intergrain’s breeding targets – which include cereals that perform well in no-till agricultural systems and a perfect wheat variety for Udon noodles.   

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