World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control


Why our bags are best for Cereals

  • Main features
  • Maintains Plant Health
  • Superior weather resistance
  • Significant reduction in grain mould
  • Increased grain weight
  • Eliminates bird damage
  • Superior moisture and air flow
  • Allows light to pass through material
  • Demonstrated economic impact on breeding programmes
  • Halts unwanted pollen down to 15 microns

Best for all-around performance.

Keeping out wind-borne pollen can be challenging, whether indoor or outdoors. Excluding unwanted pollen while optimising plant health is even harder. PBS International pollination bags excel at this challenge and the impact highlights how the 2-6% of breeding programme costs spent on pollination bags can have a positive impact on results if the right material is used. 

Peer-reviewed research about our products show excellent exclusion of unwanted pollen, better seed set and seed health than other bag types. Our materials are demonstrated to provide near total protection against bird damage in sorghum trials, as well as causing significant reductions in grain mould. Frequently used in hybrid wheat programmes among other purposes, wheat total grain weight is shown to be significantly higher using PBS International nonwoven pollination bags.   

duraweb®, our family of unique materials, is designed specifically for plant breeding. Stronger than paper or plastic, our materials are suitable for use in the field and green house applications, providing a micro-climate that is as natural as possible.


The pollination bags work great! Nothing for you to do better!


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