World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control

About Us

Leading the way for over 50 years

PBS International is the world leader in pollination control. We are a UK based company that leads the way in applying fabric technology to pollination control, manufacturing a range of products for plant breeders and seed producers.

Our customers recognise the long-term gains in higher yields and reduced risks from using our products.

We count commercial seed producers, academic organisations and non-profits across 6 continents as our customers, collaborators and friends from our 50 years of work at the forefront of pollination control.

We are committed to continually improve our products and invest heavily in R&D. Our innovative new ideas are evidence based and thoroughly tested. An increasing body of published research demonstrates the efficacy of our products, in pollen control and cost effectiveness through higher seed count, lower contamination and reduced risk.

Our unique duraweb® materials and ultra-strong duraweld® process allows us to offer products that are durable, flexible, weather resistant, breathable and which halt unwanted pollen.

PBS International has developed deep relationships throughout the world, due to our excellent reputation, willingness to listen to customer needs and commitment to quality. We keep abreast of emerging issues in plant breeding and seed production through our association with: Eucarpia, NCSU-CTIP, NAPB, ISOPB and the Commonwealth Forestry Association.

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Our Team

Our job is to support plant breeders & seed producers.  We focus on collaboration and innovation to make their work more efficient and less risky.  Over 25 years, I’ve visited plant breeding operations around the world and I’m proud to call so many longstanding customers friends.  The thrill of seeing our products used in this important work, which needs such patience and dedication, never fades.

Hannah Senior, Managing Director

“PBS International is all about community and a shared passion for plants. It’s wonderful to be part of this vibrant network that spans across the world! Over the years, we’ve built a wonderful community through our podcast, social media, and marketing efforts, and I strive to create valuable content for like-minded scientists. Too few people know about the efforts plant breeders go to, so I take great pride in my role sharing the different they’re making in the world”

Lucy Pearson, Sales and Marketing Administrator

“As a geneticist and plant breeder for over 50 years, it is a pleasure to work with such an innovative and forward thinking team at PBS.
Our research work is far reaching, spanning several continents and producing 6 published research papers and several conference papers to date.
It is so satisfying to develop products that are recognised as making a real contribution to humanity throughout the world.”

Dr Daljit Singh Virk, Technical Manager

“Quality is our number one priority. Our production team are fully aware that contamination can ruin an entire plant breeding programme so our unique manufacturing processes, duraweld® and duratrace®, have been developed to ensure our products are of the highest quality and provide full traceability for our customers.”

Maggie Temple, Production Supervisor

“Our export operations span more than 35 countries and I embrace the challenges this presents. Each country is unique and no export task is ever the same. I get great satisfaction from making sure customers receive their goods safely and on time for the flowering season. Plus, I find it fascinating to learn about all the corners of the world that our products go to.”

Magda Marek, Export Administrator

“Collaboration and building relationships are a key aspect in my role. From suppliers to distributors, I ensure that everything runs smoothly in our business so PBS International products are of the highest quality. I love it when all the pieces come together – we have the right resources in place so our factory team makes products quickly & efficiently, and communication runs smoothly between everyone in the team.”

Briley Newham, Office Manager

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