PBS International is the world leader in pollination control. It is a UK based company that has been leading the way in applying technology to pollination control since the 1960s.

PBS International has developed deep relationships throughout the world, largely due to its excellent reputation, willingness to listen to customer needs and commitment to quality.

From commercial seed producers to University professors, our links not only drive our business but also create friendships. With many relationship dating back more than 30 years we’re confident our customers recognise the long-term gains in higher yields and reduced risks from using our products.

We are committed to continually improve our products and this has led us to having a unique position as the interface between plant science and fabric technologies. Our unique duraweb® material and ultra-strong duraweld® process allows us to offer products that are durable, flexible, weather resistant, breathable and which halt unwanted pollen.

We know that the best way to serve our customers is to listen to their evolving needs, so we invest heavily in R&D to both understand the issues around pollination control and bring innovative new ideas to market.

With an eye on the values that have defined our history the business is now led by the second generation of the Senior family. Our dedication and focus on the business of pollination control has been infused with a new energy enabling us to serve our customers with renewed focus.