World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control


Why our bags are best for Grasses

  • Main features
  • Halts unwanted pollen down to 15 microns
  • Maintains Plant Health
  • Demonstrated yield improvements
  • Superior Weather Resistance
  • Allows light to pass through material
  • Superior moisture and air flow
  • Demonstrated economic impact on breeding programmes

Best for all-around performance.

Research shows PBS International pollination bags to have excellent exclusion of unwanted pollen and better seed set than any other bag types*. These findings remind us that while pollination bags typically make up 2-6% of breeding programme costs, they have a dramatic and positive impact on the speed and overall cost of breeding programs.

PBS duraweb® material is designed specifically for plant breeding and is strong enough to resist tearing and flexible enough to tie tightly. It breathes while keeping out pollen yet allowing for necessary gas exchange. Our bags do not collapse onto the inflorescence when wet. Superior breathability means humidity build up is moderated and water does not accumulate at the base. duraweb® is less prone to overheating and high humidity than plastic and is designed for high UV stability making it suitable for use in field and green house applications.

*Aberystwyth University showed that duraweb® had a 12% higher success rate in Miscanthus crosses compared to other bag types and the cost per successful cross was 33% cheaper with PBS bags.

*Research Published by Oklahoma State University shows that duraweb® bags produce up to 100% pure self-pollinated seed in switchgrass, higher than any other type of bag.


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