World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control

Hemp, Hops & Cannabis

Why our bags are best for Hemps, Hops & Cannabis

  • Main features
  • Halts unwanted pollen down to 15 microns
  • Maintains Plant Health
  • Allows light to pass through material
  • Superior moisture and air flow
  • Demonstrated impact in breeding programmes

Best for all-around performance.

Choosing the right PBS pollination control product can have a dramatic impact on the results of breeding programmes Insight and knowledge gained from working with our customers across the Cannabaceae family of plants has highlighted to us that genetic purity is critical when breeding or producing seeds. Keeping out wind-borne pollen can be challenging, whether indoor or out. Excluding unwanted pollen while optimising plant health is even harder!

Decades of technical fabric experience for products  in anemophilous crops such as hops, grasses, sugar beet, and our range of Pollination bag solutions for single branches, whole-plot Pollination tents and pollen collection bags, provides peace of mind solutions to pollination control that allows breeders to focus on the plethora of other challenges ahead of them.

PBS duraweb® material is designed specifically for plant breeding programs and is strong enough to resist tearing or damage and flexible enough to tie tightly. It breathes while keeping out pollen yet allowing for necessary gas exchange. Our bags do not collapse onto the inflorescence when wet, superior breathability means humidity build up is moderated and water does not accumulate at the base. duraweb® is designed for high UV stability.


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