World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control

Intelligent Design


Our products are made from this unique family of materials, created by bonding randomly laid polyester fibres without the addition of other chemicals. The architecture of this material creates its unique properties. Although breathable, allowing air and moisture to pass through, duraweb® halts unwanted pollen. It has an average pore size smaller than the vast majority of pollen grains.

By providing the optimum environment for controlled crossing, we allow breeders to create new varieties with the following benefits:

Peer reviewed research has shown that PBS products are durable enough to resist tearing or damage and do not collapse onto the inflorescence when wet.

Why our bags are best

Rain damage
Rain does not affect duraweb® properties,
the material remains strong and holds its shape
Fungal disease build up
Moisture and air can pass through duraweb®
helping to prevent disease
Bird Damage
duraweb® technology is strong against
abrasion and tearing

duraweb® technology


The ultra strong welding process that we use in the construction of our products creates strong pollen proof seams. The material is fused together, avoiding both the holes and risk of separation which affect inferior stitched or glued products. We understand the additional stresses tents are subjected to, so ours are produced with bias bound extra-reinforced duraweld® seams and anti-tear protection to guard against damage when used over a frame.


By using our long experience we have created our own quality control system, duratrace®, which creates end-to-end quality assurance in all of our products. Ensuring conformity to our exacting duraweb® standards is a key part of the process. Regular testing of the duraweld® strength and quality control is integral to our production methods. Quality assurance also comes through complete traceability and process control, extending from material manufacture to packing procedures.
We also have the capability to print barcodes onto your products if required.

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