World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control

Oil Palm

Why our bags are best for Oil Palm

  • Main features
  • Superior protection against weevils
  • Bags not collapse against inflorescence
  • Strong resistance to tearing
  • Breathable
  • $97 additional revenue per bag
  • 13% more seeds per bag
  • Individually numbered for stock control
  • duratrace® system ensures highest quality

Best for all-around performance.

Independently conducted, sector-specific research shows that PBS pollination bags are best for oil palm breeding, producing more seeds per bag than any competing product. Our bags are specifically designed to overcome recognised breeding issues and in particular provide superior protection against weevils and build-up of water inside the bag. Choosing PBS bags over lesser products is an investment that makes sound economic sense: the estimated value of additional seeds produced per PBS bag is $97.00, while the risk to reputation from high contamination rates using other bag types is incalculable.

PBS duraweb® material is designed specifically for plant breeding and is strong enough to resist tearing or damage by spiky plants and flexible enough to tie tightly. It breathes while keeping out pollen yet allowing for necessary gas exchange. Our bags do not collapse onto the inflorescence when wet, superior breathability means humidity build up is moderated and water does not accumulate at the base. duraweb® is designed for high UV stability.

Read more about why PBS International bags make sound sense in our Four Reasons document.


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