World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control

Citadel Q&A

How durable are Citadel Tents?
Although durability will depend on both the climate and the treatment of the tent, you should get 10-years use from the frame on Midi and Maxi tents plus 2-3 years from the panels before replacements are required.

Do your tents deteriorate in UV light?
No, both duraweb® and our window material are designed to be UV stable. Durability in strong sunlight is supported by both field and laboratory testing.

How much light & what frequencies pass through the material?
30-40% of visible light across all frequencies is transmitted through the duraweb®, compared to 10-20% transmitted through widely used paper bag materials.

What is the average pore size of duraweb®?
The average pore size is approximately 10 microns.

What is the microclimate like in Citadel Tents?
PBS International pollination control tents are designed to keep the internal environment as natural as possible. If you plan to use this product in extremes of heat or humidity, overheating could be an issue. To prevent overheating, we recommend that you introduce measures such as external shade cloths or ground source air cooling systems to reduce the internal temperature during pollination. Following fertilisation, panels can be also be removed to allow airflow into the tent.

Can you make me a customised product?
Yes, but this may have cost implications – by using our in-depth product design experience we can work with you to develop a pollination tent which fulfils your needs.

Do you have a distributor in my country?
We give a personal service and deal directly with customers all over the world however, we also have distributors in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia and Ecuador – please contact us via for more details.

What are your lead times?
Our manufacturing lead time is 4-6 weeks dependant on quantity and the shipping method. Let us know when you need them and we can plan appropriately allowing for shipping time. For enquiries please email us and we will be happy to help.

How and where do you ship the products?
We ship via courier either by land, air or sea and we ship to all countries around the world.