World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control


Latest Research Paper: Materials in PBS’s Mini-Tent Design Control Unwanted Pollen Whilst Maintaining Ambient Environment for Plant Growth!

We’re delighted to announce the publication of yet another research paper; Evaluating the pollen proofing of nonwoven synthetic fabric pollination control tents for sugar beet by Paul Townson, Daljit Singh Virk and Hannah Senior. 

An examination of the materials used in PBS’s mini-tent design, conducted in collaboration with Lion Seeds and their research station in the UK last year, yielded some really positive results! Tests were conducted on four pollination control tents (PCTs), three of which were made from “novel nonwoven synthetic fabrics” with a relatively “open-pour structure,” the other being composed of a standard fabric, to determine their ability to resist entry of foreign pollens with sugar beet plants. Conclusions include:

• “All four fabrics of PCTs were equally pollen proof in preventing pollen contamination.”

• ‘PBS’s mini-tent design is entirely sufficient in eradicating cross pollination while perpetuating ambient environmental conditions using each variation of the duraweb® novel nonwoven fabrics tested’.

• “PCT technology may be equally usefully deployed in other traditional, commercial and fibre crops for hybrid seed production.”


You can read the full paper here:


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