PBS International is committed to outstanding customer service. We want to develop excellent relationships with our customers; to understand their needs and offer the best products to meet those needs.

With customers all over the world, different time zones and languages make it challenging to build and maintain relationships with every customer.

Therefore we have brought on commercial partners – agents and distributors. They are our eyes and ears on the ground, offering their insights into local markets, and working closely with customers to provide the personal and responsive relationship that’s so important.

Our representatives share with us a strong belief in excellent customer service and the value of offering consistently high quality products. From this strong foundation we are able to uphold our position as world leaders in pollination control.

We are always on the lookout for new commercial partners with the ability to serve a particular country or a particular crop specialism.
At present we are actively seeking a partner in the USA involved in the forestry sector, but we are always building relationships in other sectors or regions.

If you are interested in joining PBS as a commercial partner please email us at enquiries@pbsinternational.com
or call +44 1723 587231