World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control


Nuffield Scholar

In 1943, he Nuffield Foundation was established for “the advancement of health and social well-being and the care and comfort of the aged poor”. By 1947, encouraged by Jack Maclean, Vice President of the NFU, these objectives had been widened to include agricultural advancement.

The Trustees chose their first Nuffield Farming Scholars – Jane Kenyon, John Rowsell and Edward Stokes – briefing them to search out and bring back to farmers in the UK details of good and innovative agricultural husbandry, from different parts of the globe.

By 1956, the number of Scholars had increased to eight each year, since the concept was clearly successful. A fund was set up under the control of the Foundation and Scholars were selected as before.

Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust now award approximately 20 individuals each year with the opportunity to research topics of interest in either farming, food, horticulture or rural industries.

Super proud that PBS International’s Hannah Senior joined the Nuffield Family today as one of the Nuffield 2020 Farming Scholars, this year celebrating their 1000th scholar!

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