PBS awarded Innovate UK grant


PBS International, are excited to announce that we have won a second prestigious Innovate UK grant to explore the need for pollen proof tents for the global seed and plant breeding markets.

The methods, environments and species can be wildly different, but plant breeders are broadly all looking to develop varieties with properties such as disease resistance, ability to withstand other stresses such as water shortage, while also delivering high yield. To help them do this plant breeders need to be sure that the right combination of genetics are being brought together. Once identified, new varieties also have to be scaled up in large enough quantities for commercial production. Genetic contamination at any stage in this process can substantially affect the potential of the work.

PBS International are world leaders in pollination control, and as such we know that controlling wind borne pollen is vital to ensure genetic integrity in breeding programmes and seed production. Being confident that the risk of contamination can be eliminated would provide breeders and seed producers with very real economic and agronomic benefits.

Currently complete pollination control is possible by covering part of a plant, or by covering a small group of plants, but larger scale it is more difficult. Pollination tents have been found to be either ineffective or create new problems such as high temperatures. Alternatives result in maintenance issues or logistical challenges as crosses are planted in geographically dispersed locations. Creating new products to meet these challenges is the name of the game.

PBS International will use the grant to visit customers who need large scale control of wind-borne pollen and start to explore how to develop a tent that will provide total protection against unintended pollen. Our track record in innovative pollination control products places us in a prime position to deliver a much needed product that meets and exceeds the markets requirements.

This award will enable us to further diversify and advance existing technologies and design.

For more information contact +44 (0)1723 587 231.

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