World leaders in pollination control
World leaders in pollination control

Something BIG is coming…

Revealing Early 2021

Do you need to…

• Control wind-borne pollen over large areas outdoors?
• Produce hybrid seed on a large scale without the risk of contamination?
• Maintain genetic purity when testing and bulking up varieties of crops in the field?
• Keep unwanted insects out and pollinators in?


Then we have the solution for you!

The new range of PBS International Pollination Control Tents will provide ultimate flexibility in the field.


Benefits include:

• A robust frame

• Interchangeable pollen proof cover system

• Four different types of duraweb® material

• Modular design to allow future expansion and larger structures

• Strong anchoring system (tested in up to 100 kph winds)

• Peer reviewed research on performance in the field

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