Wear the badge with pride


PBS Assure reflects your commitment to quality

The start of 2018 sees the launch of PBS Assure in Malaysia. The PBS Assure program has been developed to provide certification as an indicator of which oil palm seed producers demonstrate their commitment to quality.

It probably won’t have escaped your notice that there have recently been examples of major seed producers having to rebuild reputations and businesses after damage due to poor quality control.

At ISOPB in Malaysia recently, data was shared revealing that recent genetic testing on a broad scale showed that many plantations have as much as 20% contamination by non-tenera seeds, with the national average at about 8%.

While this contamination is often a result of counterfeit goods, it has been a wake-up call for the seed industry which had at times taken the role of their seed production choices and processes for granted. PBS Assure offers reassurance to seed buyers that the seed producers certified are using the best quality pollination bags for all stages of their process, and in so doing are demonstrating their commitment to quality.

By joining the PBS Assure scheme and displaying the badge it will be evident to all stakeholder groups that you adhere to the highest standards.

To find out more information about PBS Assure or to enrol in the program call +44 (0)1723 587 231

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