The world’s first pollination bag with eyes!


Hopefully that’s got your interest.

We have just launched a brand new pollination bag specifically for the Sorghum market…including one with eyes!

The new product, known as duraweb® Sentinel, has been developed to deal with the specific issues of bird damage and mold, both of which are the scourge of Sorghum breeders.

Field trials conducted over the past three years in Brazil and India bear out our claims that these bags really do solve the issues caused by both threats as well as increasing yields and saving time space and money!

Hannah Senior (PBS International’s MD) says:

“We have spent years applying our expertise in technical fabrics to design materials that massively outperform the standard paper bag, and are so confident that our new product will bring better results such as higher yields, improved grain quality, and cost savings that for probably the first time in the history of pollination bags we are providing a guarantee.”

So where do the eyes fit in? Inspired by work done by an Australian-based ecologist painted eyes on the rear ends of cows to ward off attacks by lions, PBS International now even offers the option to have bags printed with an Owl-type image which helps to deter birds from attacking crops! While the research to date has not focused on the effect of visual deterrents, such bird scaring devices have a long history and researchers are optimistic.

For a sample of the printed bag or for more information call +44 (0)1723 587 231.

Visit the Product specification page (Click here) and select the Sorghum tab

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