PBS out West


Our recently appointed Commercial Manager, Rob Coy, has just returned from his first field visit to meet our Forestry clients in the USA.

Fired up by his findings and also the incredibly warm reception he received as a PBS employee, Rob has discovered a whole new world (of video making!). The first of which features Doug Sharp, the COO of International Forest Company (IFCO) talking about the work of IFCO, their relationship with PBS and outlining the benefits to IFCO of using PBS bags.

Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our products has led us to having a unique position as the interface between plant science and fabric technologies, developing strong relationships with organisations such as NCSU TIP. 

We know that the best way to serve our customers is to listen to their evolving needs, so we invest heavily in R&D to both understand the issues around pollination control and bring innovative new ideas to market.

We have developed a full range of products to suit the most challenging of (forestry) applications. View full range

The new season is upon us, make this your time to invest in:
• Increased yields
• Higher productivity
• Sound economic sense

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