PBS 2018 Calendar – Business meets art


PBS International have joined forces with a North Yorkshire artist to produce unique images of the natural world we normally overlook. In a collaboration which brings Art and Science together, we worked with Lino-cut artist Hannah Turlington to produce a series of prints highlighting the often un-recognised beauty of the microscopic world.

PBS International invest heavily in research and development, and as part of a research project earlier in the year, Aberystwyth University produced some ultra-close up images of pollen and our unique material, duraweb®. Quite apart from the scientific value, these images have a really wonderful aesthetic value.

The collaboration took shape when we saw Hannah Turlington’s work in a local café, and thought it would be a great way to represent the beauty of that is all around us at a truly tiny scale”.

Over the course of the summer we met to discuss the collaboration and share ideas and were excited to see the project unfold. Hannah sees an object, a landscape, or an image, she automatically thinks about how it can be ‘immortalised in lino’.

By the autumn, PBS International shared the images with our customers all over the world as a company calendar, while Ms Turlington has taken the images even further, producing cards, prints, fabric and even wallpaper.

Hannah Senior, MD of PBS International said “it became evident really quickly that lino was a great medium to highlight all the features in pollen, seeds and the material that is used to create the pollen bags and feedback from the public has been very positive; people became very connected with the images”.

PBS International are planning to organise an exhibition of the prints in the new year. Watch this space!

Hannah’s work can be viewed or purchased on her website www.hannahturlington.com and you can follow her on Instagram @girllovesprinting.

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