Outperforming their rivals


Outperforming their rivals: report finds hard evidence on hard-wearing PBS bags

In a recent report from the “International Journal of Plant Breeding and Genetics” – the findings of which were drawn from various 2014/2015 field tests – it was concluded that PBS bags outperform their rivals in a number of key areas.

Evaluated against paper controls for resistance against birds, grain yields, and impact on grain mould, our products were noted as providing significant reductions of mould issues and complete resistance against bird damage.

By comparison, paper bags were recorded as bearing 12% bird damage, with a higher 36% on uncovered panicles.

Overall, it was determined that well-chosen non-woven bags offer significant economic benefits in a wide range of areas, and are a safer and more environmentally sound option than their paper equivalents. This advantage is especially evident in germplasm maintenance, hybridisation processes and germination advance, particularly in sorghum.

Click here to read a full copy of the report, or get in touch with us to discuss the advantages of PBS bags in relation to the new findings.

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