Mini pollination bags for Chestnut growers


Here at PBS International we love receiving feedback from our customers. People working with our pollination bags in the field provide invaluable insight into how we can make our products better. That is exactly what happened when some of our chestnut breeding customers contacted us and the new 3DM15.30.15 bags are a result of that interaction.

These new smaller bags are ideal for use with chestnuts because their size fits the branches with female catkins perfectly. The smaller size makes them more manageable; saving time in handling, bagging the branches and are easier to store. All important considerations for the conscientious breeder.

While our range of standard pollination bags work very well for covering whole branches there are times when a more precise approach is needed. Our Chestnut breeders wanted a smaller bag but with all the same qualities that they loved in the standard pollination bags. With this in mind our production team swung into action and designed the new, smaller bag but still maintaining the exact same properties of the rest of the range:

Measuring 150mm wide, 300mm long and 150mm deep the new 3DM15.30.15 bag uses the same high quality duraweb® material and ultra-strong duraweb® and is ideal for Chestnut breeding programs.

We felt that it was important for us to produce a product for this vital market as the Chestnut is harvested for the fruits as well as the wood and therefore is double important to its producers across Europe, Asia and America. We were also very conscious of the devastating economic and social impact Chestnut blight had on communities and especially of the eastern United States

Our customers expect the best quality and we will not disappoint. We have already had lots of positive feedback from our prototyping and testing stage.

To enquire about or to place an order for our new 3DM15.30.15 pollination mini bags call us on +44 (0)1723 587 231, or get in touch via our Contact Us page or email on

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