Coming soon – Tent Roll out


Following on from our collaboration with Innovate UK we have been developing tents for anemophilus (wind pollinated) plants for more than two years. There are plenty of net covered tents available for zoophilous plants. But nothing that keeps wind born pollen off, while also keeping the plants healthy, in the same way our pollination bags do.

We know from the growing number of requests that there is a need for these products. We hear many examples of customers placing trials kms apart, making home-made structures with shrink-wrap or using camping tents to solve the problem. However there is currently nothing satisfactory in the market to solve the problem.

Developing the right products that meet our criteria and high standards of being durable and able to keep the pollen out successfully has been an arduous task and highly relevant to grass breeders, sugar beet breeders etc.

The number one challenge is to overcome wind damage. To do this our design will incorporate a cover that is stronger than traditional duraweb® but will deliver the same inherent qualities. In addition, the frame has been developed to have “give” just like a tree or a field of grass gives when the wind is high. Other important design features include:

• Frame and cover are designed to work together to avoid snags or stretching

• Light enough to be carried by hand from site to site

• Simple to construct – that two people can assemble in 20 minutes or less.

• Viable for multiple years – tests suggest the frames remain strong after more than 20 assembly and disassembly cycles.

The product will be launched in sizes up to 1.5m x 3m x 2.5m tall but larger products will be developed.

If you would like to find out more about these products or discuss your own individual requirements please +44 (0)1723 587 231 today!

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