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  • University of Arizona
  • USDA US Forest Service

“Helps us maximise seed production and produce the best quality oil palm seeds worldwide”

Chris Lee, New Britain Palm Oil Limited

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“Work well as a barrier to the small pollen grains we deal with”

Dr Robin Wright-Turner, Managing Director,
Lion Seeds Limited

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“duraweb® material allows the tree branch to live an almost normal life”

Juha Immanen, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki

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“Works well in the field especially with abrasive hops plants”

Beverley-Ann Joseph, Hop Breeder,
SAB Hop Farms

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“Very robust… rain, wind and sunshine without damage”

Sileye Tiata, Head of Coconut Breeding Programme, Vanuatu Agricultural Research and Technical Centre

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“I was confident enough to recommend PBS bags to my colleagues”

Dustan Ridder, Hybrid Wheat Breeder,

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"I am a big fan of your 3D pollination bags"

Dr Steven McKeand, Director, Cooperative Tree Improvement Program, North Carolina State University

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